THE KINGDOM | A Conservation Story

By 余彬 in 記錄片 924 瀏覽 2018年 十二月 20號 影片長度: 00:05:20
A love letter to conservation, our changing climate, and the difference one person can make in a great big world. This is the quiet story of Sonam Phuntsho, a forest caretaker in the Kingdom of Bhutan, who has spent the last 60 years planting over 100,000 trees by hand.

A film by Matthew K. Firpo
Produced by Finn Harries
Cinematographer | Jeremy Snell (www.JeremySnellDP.com)
Editor | Stephen Michael Simon (www.StephenMichaelSimon.com)
Colorist | Carlos Flores (www.Flores.film)
Original Score | Gavin Brivik (www.GavinBrivik.com)
Associate Producer | Jack Harries
Sound Design & Mix | Sean Higgins
Assistant Camera | Gary Bardizbanian
Local Guide | Sangay Wangchuck
Special Thanks | Richard Edwards, Rachel Bloodworth, Tenzin Rabgye, Dechen Dorji, and Nima

We're eternally grateful to Sonam Phuntsho who welcomed us into his home and his life, and to the volunteer team of artists that gave all of themselves to share his story.

Watch the Behind The Scenes at https://Youtu.be/T8Lelmmmi2M
Listen to the Original Score at www.bit.ly/2GcU30X
Filmed on location in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Made with the support of WWF, Suitcase Magazine, and the Tourism Council of Bhutan

@MatthewKFirpo | www.MatthewFirpo.com



鬼月晴明不打烊,依然持續找鬼ING,最近晴明收到粉絲的一個訊息,而看到這個訊息後,就決定要來這個地方拍攝,為什麼呢?原因很簡單,因為這個粉絲跟社長都碰到類似的情形。 而鬼月的到來,會不會好兄弟們,也比較活躍呢?這個晴明只能說,拍攝這一集的途中,真的有被嚇到,甚至也拍攝到不可解釋的畫面,至於是甚麼狀況呢?千萬不要錯...
"Liberty - New York City Timelapse 4K"

I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I...
"Liberty - New York City Timelapse 4K"

I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I became a photographer. The shear sense of scale, the incredible architecture and just the over all feeling I got walking around the city. That experience became one of the reasons I got into photography. Ever since then, it has been my dream to recreate that feeling into a short timelapse film. From the sensory overload of standing on a busy New York street corner. To the tranquility of standing on a skyscraper, like being on top of the world. This is a dedication to my favorite city in the world.

"Liberty" Is a visual journey through New York City captured through timelapse and hyperlapse photography. The video consists of about 15,000 still photographs captured from 2016-2018.

You can check out more images from the collection here:

By Michael Shainblum

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